New Pokemon and Sword Trailer Shows Off New Items and More

In a new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield, we get more details on new items and other changes that will mix things up.

In a new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield, we get details on new items, changes to special supplements, and more.

The first new item shown off are mints, which can increase a certain stat for your Pokemon. For example, a modest mint is used in the trailer which increases a Pokemon’s special attack skill. Additionally, the trailer shows off mild, hasty, and naive mints. Exp. Candy can also be consumed by Pokemon which gives them a certain amount of experience points.

“Nutrition drinks like Protein and Iron raise a Pokemon’s base points, which in turn help raise that Pokemon’s stats,” says a statement from the Pokemon Company via Nintendo Life. “If two Pokemon are of the same species but one has more base points, the Pokemon with more base points will grow stronger. Until now, there has been a limit on how many special supplements could be used on a Pokemon. In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, Trainers will be able to max out a Pokemon’s base points only using these supplements.”

Another new feature is if you get a Pokemon from a trade and it doesn’t have a nickname, you can give it a nickname, but only one time. Like previous Pokemon games, if you get a Pokemon that already has a nickname, you won’t be able to change it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will also introduce Pokemon boxes, which lets players swap out Pokemon on their team whenever they want. That being said, story mission areas and Pokemon gyms are places that trainers won’t be able to swap Pokemon out.

“Sometimes, a Pokemon hatched from an Egg will know unusual moves called Egg Moves,” says a statement from the Pokemon Company. “Egg Moves are moves that a Pokemon normally wouldn’t be able to learn through more common means, like leveling up or using TMs. In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, if two Pokemon of the same species are placed at a Pokemon Nursery together, an Egg Move that one of them knows can be passed on to the other Pokemon. A Pokemon can only learn an Egg Move in this way when it knows three or fewer moves.”

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch on November 15 on Nintendo Switch. You can check out the trailer below which shows off these new changes.

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