New Pokemon Game Announcement Planned for June 17

A new Pokemon game will be revealed via a Pokémon Presents this week, along with new information on the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass.

The Pokemon Company will reveal a new Pokemon game on June 17, via a Pokémon Presents stream. The stream is coming June 17 at 06:00 PDT. (Click here for a time conversion table).

The English tweet from the English Pokemon Twitter account only mentions Pokemon “News” is coming:

However, the Japanese version of the tweet and the Japanese version of the YouTube stream both explicitly mention we’ll get a new Pokemon game announcement. The Japanese stream is titled “Pokemon new game announcement Pokémon Presents”.

Moreover, the description indicates the stream will be around 11 minutes long and will also include new information regarding the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass. The first expansion DLC, titled The Isle of Armor, was already fully detailed a few days ago. Meaning we should learn more about the second part of the pass, The Crown Tundra, which is planned to launch in “Fall 2020”. There’s also a promotional stunt going on with the Expansion Pass until August 31: You’ll get a bonus costume by buying it before then.

We have no further details regarding this announcement, so while a new game will be announced, there’s no guarantee it’ll be a Nintendo Switch game. It could be anything, and there are definitely more chances you’ll be disappointed than satisfied. Personally, I’ll be keeping my expectations in check. And I suggest you do the same. I’m definitely not expecting the Pokemon Yellow upgrade equivalent of Pokemon Sword and Shield to be announced here, for example.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available on Switch. You can check out our review here.

Pokemon GO will support businesses around the world to help cope with the Covid-19 economical impact. Read more about how it’ll work here. The popular mobile game is also organizing a two-day digital event this late July, read more about there here.

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