New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Released; Legendary Pokemon’s Types and Abilities Revealed

on June 2, 2016 11:44 AM

Today a new trailer was released for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, and it revealed a lot of information on the region’s legendaries and characters.

First off, the trailer reveals the legendary of Pokemon Sun, Solgaleo. It is a Psychic/Steel type, and has an all new ability, Full Metal Body.  The Full Metal Body ability prevents Solgaleo from getting its stats lowered by other Pokemon’s moves and abilities.  Its signature move is Sunsteel Strike, an attack that disregards the ability of the Pokemon it is attacking.

Next off Lunala, the legendary of Pokemon Moon, was covered.  It is a Psychic/Ghost type, and also has a new ability: Shadow Shield.  Shadow Shield allows Lunala to take less damage from attacks when its HP is full.  Its signature move is Moongeist Beam, which like Sunsteel Strike, disregards the ability of the Pokemon that Lunala is attacking.

The trailer then goes on to reveal the names of many major characters in the game.  First of is Professor Kukui, the main professor of the region that was seen in the first trailer.  It then reveals Lillie, who is Professor Kukui’s “Mysterious Assistant”.  The rival characters from the first trailer’s name is then revealed to be Hau.

After all of that information, the trailers drops another bombshell, revealing that the player’s Pokedex is possessed by a Rotom, and that the Pokedex talks to you, similar to how it can talk in the Pokemon Anime.

You can watch the trailer below.  Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon comes out in North America on November 18th, and comes out in Europe on November 23rd.

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