New Pokemon X and Y Trailer Shows Off New Pokemon, Moves and the Fabulous Team Flare

on July 12, 2013 5:53 PM

Thanks to today’s update, there’s more Pokemon news than you can shake a stick at, with all new Pokemon, moves, the new professor and the surprisingly well-dressed Team Flare, our compulsory evil doers. Pokemon X and Y will be released worldwide on October 12th for 3DS.

Several new Pokemon have been introduced including: Pangoro, Inkay,  Malamar, Swirlix, Spritzee and Clauncher. There are also some brand new Pokemon moves like Tospy-Turvy, a dark type move that reverses the stat changes of a Pokemon, or Draining Kiss, a Fairy type move that deals damage and restores some of the user’s HP.

The recently introduced professor for the Kalos region is Augustine Sycamore and he seems to be pretty energetic, while the two new Gym Leaders revealed, Grant and Clemont, are sport and science obsessed respectively. Finally, the brand new evil organization, Team Flare, has snazzy red suits and hairdos.

If you want to learn about Pokemon X and Y in more detail, you can go the official webpage here. Also check out the trailer and gallery posted below.

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