New PS Vita Model Rumor Surfaces, but It Stands on Weak Legs; Cited Source Doesn’t Exist

New PS Vita Model Rumor Surfaces, but It Stands on Weak Legs; Cited Source Doesn’t Exist

Today the website Magic Box reported a rumor by a “Japanese newspaper” allegedly named “Tokyo Keizai“, advocating that Sony would reveal a new PS Vita model before Tokyo Game Show. Here’s the full text for your perusal:

RUMOR: Japanese newspaper Tokyo Keizai reported a rumor that Sony is set to reveal a new PS Vita model in September before the Tokyo Game Show. The new model PCH-2000 will have a 6.3″ OLED display manufactured by Samsung (screen size of the current model is 5″), and the resolution will remain at 960 x 554 pixels. The amount of RAM will increase from 512MB to 1GB, to allow more programs to run in the background, the amount of RAM used by games will be unchanged (meaning games are still compatible between old and new models). In addition, the design of the new model will be more in-line with the PS4 design; and the system will launch with new game titles.

Now, the rumor is already shaky in itself: the biggest issue with the Vita isn’t the screen size (which is already very big for a portable), nor the lack of RAM, but the price, especially including the memory card. Why would Sony announce a new model with a bigger screen and more RAM, that would most probably be more costly to manufacture? And adding RAM that can’t even be used by games? It really does not make much sense.

The biggest strike in disfavor of the credibility of the rumor, though, is simply the fact that a newspaper named “Tokyo Keizai” does not exist. That’s  the name of a private university in Tokyo.

There’s a website with that name (Shortened “ToKei”) but it shows no trace of the rumor, and a newspaper named Nihon Keizai Shimbun, but it’s definitely not the same thingThere’s also a Shukan Toyo Keizai (“Toyo”, not “Tokyo”), but that’s not a newspaper. It’s a weekly magazine.

Unfortunately searching among the better informed Japanese video game sources doesn’t help much, as popular Japanese blogs like Hachima Kiko and Jin115’s My Game News Flash are as baffled as we are by the fact that the source does not exist.

We reached out to the publishers of both the Shukan Toyo Keizai and the Nihon Keizai Shinbun asking if they heard anything about the rumor, and we’ll keep you updated if we get anything new from them or from other sources, but for the moment this rumor is as shaky as it comes.