New PS Vita Game Probably Titled “Shiin” Teased by PlayStation Japan

New PS Vita Game Probably Titled “Shiin” Teased by PlayStation Japan

PlayStation Japan has launched a teaser website today revealing what looks to be a new project for development on the PlayStation Vita, probably titled “Shiin.”

The site contains what appears to be the project’s title in Kanju (with a transliteration in Hiragana) beating as a heart would on top of the page, with a cityscape shown in the background. Below that is a video teaser, which splices together live-action clips of a clock, red markings, a black bunny rabbit with red eyes, a ghostly figure, and a candle being blown out. A female voice ends the teaser with a formal greeting that would be given to a guest by a maid.

Upon further inspection on the video’s official description on YouTube, the text reads “Tsurushi, countdown to the death” and “PS Vita compatible software ‘Shiin.'”

This appears to be some kind of play on words, as “Tsurushi,” which could indicate a 17th century Japanese reverse hanging torture method, writes almost identically (changing シ with ツ) as “Shirushi” which is the reading of the second kanji of the title, and means “Mark.”

In Japanese, “shiin” can imply silence, as in “shush” in English. Another meaning is cause of death.

No further information was given, including the name of the developer or anything else.

The video embedded into the site can be found below.