New PS3 “SLIM” Un-Boxing

New PS3 “SLIM” Un-Boxing

Ok seriously,we need to clear something up right from the start. All this talk of it being called the slim, is all just internet banter. No where, and i mean NO WHERE on it or around it does it say “slim” anything. It is simply just the PS3, and a sexy one at that. When I saw it originally I thought it looked just a bit cheap looking, but now seeing it for myself and around my other gadgets (even without all the shine of the PS3 “Fat”) for some reason I find it to be quite luxurious. It’s unfortunate for Sony that it took them this long to mold the PS3 into what it should have been at launch.

It sure looks a lot like the box leaked onto the interwebs months ago!

What I first noticed before the Unboxing was just how light the unit felt. In all seriousness, the box with everything in it felt lighter than my 60gb launch PS3 console. It had me a little worried, especially considering how people in the shipping business like to throw around boxes. Alas, there was plenty of protection in the box and absolutely no reason to be worried!

Finally a Dualshock 3 in the box ! (upgrading from a 60gb launch PS3)

In the box you’ll find your brand new DualShock 3 remote. A normail power adapter, PS3 fat’s adapter looked like something made to power a refrigerator. And I cannot forget to mention the ultra high-end composite cables. Seriously? Composite! They might as well not give you anything to connect it. They also include a PS3/PSN preview Blu-Ray disc showcasing game trailers and system capabilites. It “only does everything” right?

Finally, here’s the money shot. I know this will probably sound a bit ridiculous but after hearing about the HD remake of the God of War Franchise, backwards compatibility didn’t seem so important to me after all. I think after the GOW re-release we’ll see more and more revisions like that of other popular titles in the future. And when that happens, I will simply re-buy them. What always had me frustrated with the PS3 fat was the fact it has a non-upgradable HDMI 1.1 port (new model sports an HDMI 1.3a port). I know, the PS3 Fat decodes all of the next-gen audio codecs (Dolby True HD and DTS HD -Master Audio) internally then sends it out as a liner PCM signal, but you know what, I payed a premium for an HDMI reciever that decodes those same codecs, and I’ll be damned if I can’t use it. That’s why this picture brings tears of blu-ray joy to my eyes (and ears). All in all probably the best $299 I’ve spent in a while.


"Oh, Oh, Oh, It's Magic ...You Know, Never Believe it's not so"

2 responses to “New PS3 “SLIM” Un-Boxing”

  1. The Slim is sexy. However, the fact that it does DTS-HD is even sexier… *drools over HDMI 1.3a*

  2. Al Zamora says:

    Slim is sexy, especially with a 120gb HDD