New PS4 Model Certified by the FCC: First Difference and Official Label Appear

New PS4 Model Certified by the FCC: First Difference and Official Label Appear

A few weeks ago we reported about the certification of a new PS4 model with the number CUH-11XXA by the Indonesian Directorate of General Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology, and today a new certification appeared on the website of the Federal Communications Commission that examined the console’s radio emissions.

Interestingly enough, the FCC was a CUH-1115A (the last two digits of the number are for the region) and below you can see the label:


The documentation includes some interesting information about the new model: maximum clock frequency (2.75GHz), ambient operating temperature (5-35°C), power supply input (AC100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz) and size (275x53x305 mm) are the same as the original PS4. The approximate weight is also the same at 2.8 Kg, but since it’s an approximation there could be a small degree of variation here.

This is in line with what suggested by the change of the second digit of the number and not the first, that involves an internal change and not a redesign.


The first difference between the CUH-11XXA and the original CUH-10XXA model appears to be in its WLAN transceiver component (basically the Wi-fi part). While the basic specs are the same,  the original Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) has been replaced with an Inverted-F Antenna (IFA).


The documentation also shows differences between the original model of the WLAN component and Bluetooth component in maximum peak output power and other tidbits, suggesting that the components may have been switched with new ones.

While no further differences are included in the documentation of the FCC, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t more. The FCC purposely certifies radio emissions, so other components simply aren’t part of its focus.

Unfortunately internal and external photos and user manuals are covered by confidentiality for 180 days, so we might have to wait that long until more information surfaces.