New PS4 Pro Videos Show Power-up Light, Beautiful Uncharted 4 Gameplay; Loading Time VS PS4 Compared

New PS4 Pro Videos Show Power-up Light, Beautiful Uncharted 4 Gameplay; Loading Time VS PS4 Compared

As the release of the PS4 Pro draws closer, more information about it is trickling down the grapevine, especially thanks to Twitter user Juniper Roth, who managed to purchase a unit from a Walmart store that accidentally broke the street date.

Today, he posted some really interesting videos. First of all, we get a raw capture of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End from chapter 8, which is one of the most visually impressive in the game. You can check it out below to get a rough view on what it looks like.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself why we aren’t posting a comparison video for this, but considering that the video isn’t posted in 4K resolution, and that we don’t know its compression settings, so we can’t reproduce them, a direct visual comparison would probably be misleading.

Secondly, we get a video showing the light in front of the console as it powers up, with it’s nice little pulsing effect.

Last, but not least, he posted a video of the loading of a specific point of chapter 8, in front of the first puzzle. Of course time is not affected by compression, so we could film exactly the same point on a standard PS4 using a standard 500 GB hard disk drive. Below you can see the results.

Standard PS4

PS4 Pro

On PS4 Pro, the “continue” button is pressed at 0:26, and gameplay loads at 1:03. It takes exactly 37 seconds from when the level starts to load to when it finishes.

On standard PS4, the “continue” button is pressed at 0:29, and gameplay loads at 1:06. Again, It takes exactly 37 seconds to load the level, revealing a basically identical load time, even if the progression of the percentage at the bottom of the screen shows a different pattern.

Interestingly, from the disappearance of the “Naughty Dog” logo to the loading on the menu, it takes six seconds on PS4 Pro, and eight on standard PS4, but we’re talking about minimal differences here.

Of course this result may vary depending on the game, and potentially even in different situations within the same game, depending on what kind of improvements the developers made to the title. Yet, it’s still fairly interesting to see. Another possible term of comparison is that from the moment in which the

If you want to see more assets from the PS4 pro, you can find more about Uncharted 4 and the console itself, and a look at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.