New PS4 Themes Show that Sony Needs Some Quality Control (Or to Let Us Set Our Own Backgrounds)

on June 1, 2015 4:40 PM

A new batch of ten PS4 themes have been released today on the North American PlayStation Store, and I seriously have no words. You can just go to the gallery at the bottom of the post and you’ll immediately understand what I mean.

Each of those themes costs, I kid you not, three bucks, or the usual $2.99, to be precise.

As an experiment, I actually went ahead and purchased the “Anonymous” theme (in fact the screenshot above is from my own PS4).  I wanted to see if it had at least  a custom music, or anything beyond a (with all due respect) tacky background slapped behind the PS4’s UI.

Well, it doesn’t.

It is just a background. It has no custom music, no custom sound or icons. It doesn’t even swap backgrounds between the two screens of the menu. This is the very first time in which I actually deleted a theme from my console.

I’m all for the freedom to express one’s art, but a very relevant percentage of the themes for sale on the North American PlayStation Store are simply unsightly, and the fact that there’s no explicit mention of what they actually offer besides a couple of pictures makes things even worse.

I can’t help but feeling that Sony should enact some kind of quality control on the themes released on the PSN. There are quite a few good ones, but the average quality simply drains the will to search for them away.

Alternatively, they should at least allow every user to set his own custom background. It’s quite ridiculous that we can’t do that in 2015, when almost every device allows such an elementary degree of customization, but on the other hand, “developers” are allowed to slap a background picture behind the menu, call it a “theme” and sell it for three bucks.

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