New Rage Game Apparently Getting an Announcement Trailer Tomorrow

New Rage Game Apparently Getting an Announcement Trailer Tomorrow

Looks like Bethesda is lifting the curtain on whatever they've been teasing about Rage with an announcement trailer that will be unveiled tomorrow.

If all the excitement about a possible new Rage due to Bethesda’s relentless hyping and teasing over the last few days has you on the verge of losing your mind, you can rest easy, as apparently, we’re getting an announcement trailer tomorrow.

Today the publisher took to Rage‘s official Twitter account to tease more, but in a way that appears to be a lot more explicit than the pink-painted images we’ve seen so far.

If you’re not familiar with Rage, it’s a 2011 first-person shooter developed by id Software of Doom and Wolfenstein fame. While it arguably can’t be defined a smash hit, it certainly was appreciated by many for its gunplay and graphics, so it’s not surprising that many are excited about a possible sequel.

Of course, it’s not guaranteed that we’re getting what everyone expects by now. For all we know, it could be a big pre-E3 set of smoke and mirrors, a remaster, or something else related to the Rage series.

Ultimately, we’ll have to wait for tomorrow, and see what Bethesda and possibly id Software pull out of their collective hat. So…please be excited?