New Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Info, Screenshots and Artwork Introduce Classes and Weapons

New Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Info, Screenshots and Artwork Introduce Classes and Weapons

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace is still a little less than a couple months away from its Japanese release, that will happen on August the 29th, but today Gung Ho Online Entertainment reelased a new batch of information, screenshots and artwork to get us up to speed with the game.

We get to learn about two of the playable classes, the Sword Warrior and the Cleric.

The Sword Warrior is good at both attack and defense, wielding a massive greatsword and wearing heavy armor. Sword Warriors have four class specific actions: Guard blocks an attack with the blade of the greatsworld, reducing incoming damage. Guard Cancel allows the use of guard to stop a combo while it’s being executed pretty much like in a fighting game. Just Input requires pressing the attack button with perfect timing at the end of a combo in order to extend it. Just Guard also requires perfect timing while guarding, reducing the amount of incoming damage further.

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Sword Warriors can also learn five ACE Skills: Magnum Break is a powerful attack. It becomes more powerful the longer you charge it. Fury Stance and Guard Stance are mutually exclusive and raise respectively attack and defense. Provoke attracts the attention of an enemy on the Sword Warrior. Hard Provoke does the same, but with multiple monsters.

The Cleric can use restorative magic but isn’t a bad fighter himself, armed with a mace and a shield. Clerics have three class specific actions: Guard and Guard Cancel are the same as the sword warrior’s but executed with the shield. Guard Counter requires pressing the guard button with perfect timing upon receiving an attack, and allows to both reduce damage further and perform a counterattack at the same time.

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Just like the Sword Warrior, the Cleric has its own ACE skills: Sanctuary creates a ground area effect in which allies recover HP gradually. Heal does exactly what it says on the tin, restoring a certain amount of HP to an ally. Blessing raises defense and attack power of the whole party temporarily. Gloria is similar, but raises the probability of inflicting critical hits. Chorus is a powerful AOE cure, while Kyrie Eleison generates a magical barrier around allies reducing incoming damage.

We also get a glimpse on the ability to craft new weapons and on a new type of implements of destruction that can actually evolve by completing quests. The gallery below also includes a few pieces of artwork portraying legendary weapons that will come with the game.