New Ranks, Armor and Trash Talk Await You in Halo: Reach

It took 49 Days. 49 days for every Halo:Reach online player to collectively achieve 117 million daily and weekly challenges. Crazy right, but I don’t think anyone is surprised. The rank cap no longer exists, so everything Bungie up to this point included in the Armory is now available should you have the credits, so go out and keep on playing like crazy people.

But wait, don’t leave yet. Need some help getting those pesky credits? Be a good sport, and routinely finish games without quitting early, and Bungie shall reward you huge credit jackpots to help you towards that sweet flaming helmet. Oh wait, you can’t have that. Woops!

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Chris Guzman

An avid gamer since birth, I consider myself a new-age gamer. My first system was the N64, but the first system I really cared about was my Xbox Original. I'm a computer science major in college, and spend all my money on games, and stuff I don't need. I've never played Zelda or many Mario games in my youth. I'm also a huge sports fan, and a chick flick lover. My favorite games include Gears of War, Halo, Fallout, GTA, Mass Effect, and Metal Gear Solid.

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