New Release Rundown ~ Week of 4/18/2010

New Release Rundown ~ Week of 4/18/2010


This week, once more we seem to have just a few stand-out titles and the rest trash to be discarded the next time you flush the toilet. When are we going to start seeing some more awesome games? Next week, you say? Ok, looks like I’ll wait until then. Of all the titles released this week, there is really only a few worth mentioning and most of those are downloadable titles. The first, and most obvious, being Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. It looks awesome and hopefully doesn’t have the camera issues that previous incarnations have had on the PSP.

Also coming our way this week is Mega Man 4 (via WiiWare) and The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, the XBLA hit from a few weeks ago, coming to the PC this week. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Square-Enix’s first RPG made exclusively for the iPhone, Chaos Rings. There you have it, that is all you need to care about this week, but if you must see the rest of what is coming out, have a look at the full list after the break.

Nintendo DS

  • Surviving High School (4/19)
  • Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr. (4/19)
  • Game & Watch: Ball (4/19)
  • Game & Watch: Flagman (4/19)
  • Beat City (4/20)
  • Windy X Windam (4/21)

iPhone OS

  • Chaos Rings (4/20)


  • The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom (4/20)

PlayStation 3

  • After Burner Climax (4/22)

PlayStation Portable

  • Blood Bowl (4/19)

Nintendo Wii

  • Mega Man 4 (4/19)
  • Bang Attack! (4/19)
  • All Star Karate (4/20)
  • Monster Hunter Tri (4/20)

Xbox 360

  • Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper (4/20)
  • After Burner Climax (4/21)
  • Puzzle Chronicles (4/21)