New Release Rundown ~ Week of 7/11/2010

on July 13, 2010 3:53 PM

New Release Rundown ~ Week of 7/11/2010

So, we all know the big one from this week, right? If you didn’t say Dragon Quest IX, you should just commit yourself to a mental institution right now. Go! That is probably the biggest title releasing this week, but there are some other honorable mentions. Okay, maybe just one other honorable mention, in the form of NCAA Football 11. If you’re into sports. If not, I hope you’re into RPGs, because that is about all there is! Hit the jump to see the full list of (mostly) lackluster shovelware this week.

Nintendo DS

  • Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (7/11)
  • Pop Island – Paperfield (7/12)
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (7/13)
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s Party Games (7/13)
  • Little League World Series: Double Play (7/13)
  • Animal Planet: Vet Collection (7/13)
  • Paws & Claws Regal Resort (7/13)
  • Mystery Stories (7/16)

Mac OS

  • Day of Defeat: Source (7/12)

Windows PC

  • CosmicBreak (7/11)
  • Disciples III: Renaissance (7/13)
  • S4 League (7/13)

PlayStation 2

  • NCAA Football 11 (7/13)

PlayStation 3

  • NCAA Football 11 (7/13)
  • DeathSpank (7/13)
  • Little League World Series Baseball 2010 (7/13)
  • Landit Bandit (7/13)

Nintendo Wii

  • Little League World Series: Double Play (7/13)

Xbox 360

  • NCAA Football 11 (7/13)
  • Little League World Series Baseball 2010 (7/13)
  • Dark Star One: Broken Alliance (7/13)
  • Deadliest Warrior: The Game (7/14)
  • DeathSpank (7/14)
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