New Release Rundown ~ Week of 8/1/2010

New Release Rundown ~ Week of 8/1/2010


Everyone is still playing StarCraft II, so no one cares what is coming out this week, right? Yeah, I’m probably right. I don’t need to ask. If you aren’t playing Blizzard’s RTS, what are you playing? There isn’t a whole lot coming out this week. In fact, the only highlight I can see among a sea of crap-tastic games is Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. That’s it. Um…what else is there to say? This is probably the worst week of releases all summer, which makes it pretty bad indeed. Hit the jump for the short list.

Nintendo DS

  • Professor Lexis’s Match Up (8/2)
  • Petz Dogz Family (8/2)
  • BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale (8/2)
  • Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure (8/3)
  • Junior Classic Books and Fairytales (8/3)
  • Monster Rancher DS (8/3)

Windows PC

  • Superstars V8 Racing (8/3)

PlayStation 3

  • Superstars V8 Racing (8/3)
  • Disney Sing It: Family Hits (8/3)

PlayStation Portable

  • Widgets Odyssey 2 (8/3)

Nintendo Wii

  • Fantasy Slots: Adventure Slots and Games (8/2)
  • Deer Captor (8/2)
  • Disney Sing It: Family Hits (8/3)

Xbox 360

  • Superstars V8 Racing (8/3)
  • Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (8/4)