New Rhythm Heaven Fever Clip Asks Viewers to Watch Out for Something ‘Handy’

on January 24, 2012 6:00 PM

Nintendo of America’s official Wii YouTube channel has a new video for the coming Rhythm Heaven Fever, a Wii version of the Nintendo DS music game. The description beneath the embed asks that viewers keep their “eyes open for a special something that may come in handy.” The clip in its entirety isn’t much longer than half a minute and showcases three different mini games — a boy kicking soccer balls to two gophers’ fist pumps; fish licking a lure to a beat; and a samurai slicing into a cloud of what we can only assume is demons trying to escape.

The clip ends with the phrase, “prove you’ve got the funky groove” with the T suspiciously highlighted in red. Take a look for yourself after the jump.

So what could the hidden meaning of the video be? I didn’t see much in the first two segments. Other than the boy on the park bench paying more attention to incoming soccer balls than either A) The girl with whom he seems to be on a date or B) The fist-pumping prairie dogs, there’s not much to say about that initial mini-game. But I did notice a little something in mini-game No. 3. If you start it at 0:22 and listen closely, when the samurai does the final slash, he sounds an awful lot like Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Could this mean there are a few Wii Motion Plus-specific puzzles in the North American version that the Japanese and European releases lacked? It’s a long-shot but might be worth a second look.

Then again, I have no clue how that would play into the prominence of the red T at the end of the clip. What could possibly start with T and come in “handy”? The last time I had a hint like that I was told, “No, no: Dig up, stupid!”

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