New Rocket League Mode Turns the Ball Into a Goal-Seeking Missile

Rocket League embraces speed and its inner Lethal League with a wacky new limited-time game mode called Heatseekers. Check it out.

If you’ve always felt like the one thing Rocket League could use more of, developer Psyonix has a great new mode for you. The upcoming Heatseeker Mode morphs the ball into a goal-seeking missile that will quickly get up to mach speed. It looks like a fun new twist on classic Rocket League gameplay. Give the new trailer a watch below.

Essentially, Heatseeker mode makes the ball zoom toward the goal regardless of the direction you hit it. So, if you and I are opponents, even if I hit the ball facing toward my goal, it will automatically correct course and head toward yours. It makes aiming much easier, but that doesn’t necessarily make the game easier. Each time the ball connects with something, whether a player or a backboard, it will pick up speed. So, after five or six hits, that ball is going be flying across the field at a rapid pace.

In some ways, the mode kind of reminds of the fighting game Lethal League. In both games, the projectile picks up speed with each hit, making lightning-fast reactions of utmost importance. Of course, Rocket League doesn’t let you slap the ball into your opponent’s head. However, the comparison still stands. Plus, you can detonate the other team, so in that respect, it’s kind of like a fighting game. Regardless, players who log in during the event will also pick up a free new banner to celebrate the mode. And, of course, your Rocket Pass will continue to earn levels while playing Heatseeker.

Heatseeker mode comes to Rocket League on April 16. The mode will only last a week, so make sure to get in there quick if you’d like to try it out.  Rocket League is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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