New Sackboy: A Big Adventure Trailer Released, Two Special Editions Announced

New Sackboy: A Big Adventure Trailer Released, Two Special Editions Announced

PlayStation has released a new trailer for PS5 launch game Sackboy: A Big Adventure, alongside a look at two special editions of the game.

Leading up to the PS5’s launch, PlayStation has released a new trailer for Sackboy: A Big Adventure, alongside two special editions releasing at launch.

The trailer features developer Sumo Digital’s Ned Waterhouse breaking down what the game is. First off, the game will run at 60 FPS. They also had to redesign Sackboy’s moveset since this is a 3D platformer rather than a traditional LittleBigPlanet game. Additionally, each level is unique from each other and features several challenges. The game also features a wide variety of power-ups and secret areas to explore in each level. You can watch the full trailer below.

Next up on the PlayStation Blog, Waterhouse announced two special editions for Sackboy: A Big Adventure. There’s a digital edition that includes a digital artbook, soundtrack, a digital comic called The Gathering Storm, four Sackboy costumes based on PlayStation characters, four Sackboy emotes, and 20 Sackboy avatars. The PlayStation character costumes include Detroit: Become Human‘s Connor, Ghost of Tsushima‘s Jin, Days Gone‘s Deacon, and Death Stranding‘s Sam Porter Bridges. As for The Gathering Storm, it’s published by Dark Horse Comics and follows Scarlet, Sackboy’s mentor.

As for the physical edition, it includes everything listed above including a physical artbook and a Sackboy plushie in a tiger suit. The photos released of both editions only mention the PlayStation 4 version but hopefully the PlayStation 5 version gets these cool bonuses.

“We wanted every level in the game to feel unique and to continually surprise you with what comes next,” said Waterhouse on the PlayStation Blog. “In one stage you’ll be careening through a mountain pass on a runaway train, the next exploring a forgotten temple or facing off against a hostile baddie. We’ve mixed up the gameplay with a bunch of new power-ups – including one which at one point quite literally turns the world on its head! And the game has an UN-BEL-IEV-ABLE soundtrack – there are moments where the music is sure to bring a smile to your face.”

Sackboy: A Big Adventure launches on November 12 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can watch the game’s announcement trailer below.

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