New Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle Screenshots and Info Appear

New Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle Screenshots and Info Appear

Namco Bandai published today a new large batch of screenshots about the upcoming PS3 exclusive Saint Seiya Senki, that will be published in Europe next year with the title Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle (no info has been shared yet about a possible release in North America, but luckily the PS3 is region free, so importing the European version is a very viable option for American Saint Seiya fans), alongside some new info about the game.

Four new characters are showcased in the screenshots: the gold Saints Camus and Aphrodite, and the female Saints Ophiucus Shaina and Aquila Marin. 


If you wonder why Marin and Shaina wear masks (which probably means that you’ve not read the manga or watched the series), it’s because female Saints, by tradition, are forbidden to show their face. Any man that gazes upon the uncovered face of a female Saint causes a terrible affront to her honor, and she can either decide to kill him or love him (weird concept, I know).

Namco Bandai also detailed some of the bosses that we’ll have to fight against in the game. Cassios, the underling of Shaina and the first rival of Seiya will be present. The black saints of the Death Queen Island (Black Pegasus, Black Dragon, Black Swan, Black Andromeda and the Black Phoenix shadows) will also be featured as bosses.

The Tag Team Challenge mode has been introduced. While playing in mission mode, you can choose either single player or tag team. Tag team will allow you to play with two characters, either by yourself alternating characters) or in multiplayer.


During Tag Team mode players will be able to select how to deal with “friendly fire” with the following options:

  • Type A: Players cause damage when they hit each other
  • Type B: No damage caused upon friendly hits
  • Type C: Attacks pass through friendly characters.

When one of the two characters is knocked down, the other will be able to revive him through a challenge in which they will be prompted to hit the right point, in order to stop the blood loss.

Finally, the game will include a Gallery Mode dedicated to the fans of the series. The gallery will be split in three sections.

The Drama Theater will let the player watch cutscenes again after experiencing them in the game once.

The Toy Collection will please our resident figure lover justin, as it will display the classic action figures of the Saint Seiya franchise.

The Model Viewer will let the player give a closer look to the 3D models of the characters of the game.

You can enjoy the screenshots published today in the gallery below.