New Screens for New Love Plus Feature Same Old Characters

By Justin Hutchison

May 14, 2011

But hey, at least one of them’s still cute. New Love Plus, the latest installment in the Love Plus franchise, just had its first screens released, all of which feature the same three characters that the series has always had. Disappointing, really. I wonder how long they’ll be able to keep using them until finally developing three new ones.

Hit the jump to see what New Love Plus does to set itself apart from the past installments in the series.

New Love Plus does have some new features. As you can see, all of the intense graphical might of the 3DS is being put to use to produce even more smangable women. Considering the janky look of the ladies in the DS installments, it’s a strong improvement. And they’ll all be in eye-popping 3D, which will enhance that even further.

The other new feature New Love Plus has is the ability to give your girlfriend wearable gifts, like the ring pictured above. Some interesting things may come out of this, especially if they allow things like full sets of clothing to be gifted. Making the game even more fetishistic is always a welcome improvement.

More screens from the game can be viewed in the gallery below.


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