New Screens for Shadows of the Damned Look Rad!

A series of screenshots were released today for the upcoming horror game from EA Games and Grasshopper Manufacture called Shadows of the Damned. The story follows a demon hunter named Garcia Hotspur who goes to Hell to save his true love. Hmmm. The screens are taken from Act I and Act II and from what it looks like it also introduces several of the characters…

Shadows of the Damned is scheduled for release on June 21st on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Bah! Who invited that guy to the party? Reminds me of the movie Total Recall, but only not. This is Fleming, not much background detail have been given about him, but from the looks I would assume that he is sees everything…

This is our lovely protagonist of Shadows of the Damned; Garcia, who is covered in tattoos and sporting some heavy artillery in his hand that looks like it could tear a hole through my face with no problems.

Here’s a screenshot of Garcia getting ready to take a demon out. The screenshot really speaks for itself.ome pretty sweet tattoo work though.

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Here’s a screenshot from Act II of Shadows of the Damned. All that I can say about this image is “I guess that’s one way down quick.” Fe-fi-fo-fum.

From the looks of this screenshot, the building in the background seems to be of some signifigance. They don’t call me Capt’n Obvious for nothing.

Oooo look at the pretty colors. In this last image of screenshots for Shadows of the Damned, you can see the protagonist trying to take out a Rider.

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