New Screenshots And Details Emerge About Dragon Quest X. Player Housing Announced

Square Enix released today a batch of new screenshots and details about Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online, mainly focused on towns and on the continent of Ogreed, where the Ogres live.

The most juicy detail is for sure the fact that towns will include a residential district, where each player will be able to own and customize a personal house, personalizing it both in the interior and exterior design. It will be also possible to invite friends to come over. Player housing is always a big deal in MMORPGs, and it seems that Dragon Quest X is getting the full suite.

Between the details shared there’s also a lot of data about the various facilities that will be available in each town, that will mostly sound familiar to the fans of the Dragon Quest series. 

Inn: at each local inn it’s possible to fully recover one’s hit points, to receive quests, to gather information about the world and about events.

Armory and Weaponsmith: a place where to purchase armor and weapons indispensible for the adventures in the world of Dragon Quest X. Surprising, isn’t it?

Temple: since Dragon Quest X is a persistent world, so the game is always safved automatically. In addition to that you can also save your game manually at the temple and use it as a bind point in the case of a premature demise.

Blacksmith: here players will be able to create new items. It’s still unclear if it’ll be possible to craft directly or the players will have to pay a NPC craftsman to do so.

Post Office: an office where players will be able to send and receive items and messages to and from other players.

Travelers’ Bazaar: an action house (it’s still not known how this auction house will work exactly), to sell items to other players or purchase from them.

Square Enix also shared some details about Ogreed, the continent that serves as a home for the race of the Ogres. It’s a land that spans from glacier-topped mountains to harsh desert, creating difficult conditions of life that turned the Ogres in a fierce race valuing strength and courage and able  to survive in any kind of environment. Between the screenshots in the gallery below you can see the Castle of Glenn, placed on the top of a mountain and the Village of Rangao.

Next week we’re going to see more information about the continent of Eltona, home of the Elves, but in the meanwhile you can enjoy the new screenshots.

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