New Screenshots and Info of Lord of Apocalypse Showcase new Characters and Multiplayer

Square Enix just released a new batch of screenshots and info of the upcoming JRPG Lord of Apocalypse, to be released both on PSP and PS Vita on December the 17th.

Two new characters are introduced: the slayer Dolphstein and the immortal greatsword-wielding lolita Yuno.

Dolphstein us a veteran mercenary slayer. He’s well known among his peers as the “Mercenary King”. Years of battles turned him into an antisocial individual with a warped sense of paranoia.

Yuno’s appearence is extremely deceptive, as she’s actually immortal, despite her lolita look and her childish manners. Even if her appearence is slender. she can wield a sword that weighs more than she does. She has been a cast off since her childhood, and hates being lonely. Despite that she’s grown to accept the hate and cruelty of the common folk. She has a childish personality, and her vision of the world is similar to that of a young girl.

The game will allow players to form a parties with various characters and to hire different mercenaries by speaking to the lady at the reception of the inn.

Mercenaries can be used in a few interesting ways in the World Conquest mode. They can be sent on liberation quests in order to free regions of the world from violent monsters, safeguarding the population. High level mercenaries can even bring back loot from the defeated monsters. They can also be sent to already liberated areas on collection quests, in order to explore them and collect valuable items. Finally they can be dispatched on guild branch quests, expediting goods to the local branch of the guild in liberated regions, earning money in the process.

Lord of Apocalypse will also support online multiplayer. Players will have to head to the Guild House and select a lobby. Once in the lobby they will be able to access several facilities, like the Slayers Guild and the Item Shop. In the lobby they can also meet with up to three other players.

After the party accepts a quest the back door will open, letting them into a gate that will lead to the quest area. While questing together players can combine their spells for massive damage, and revive fallen companions.

You can see the full gallery of new screenshots below:

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