New Screenshots and Information about Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle Revealed

on November 17, 2011 1:15 PM

Today Namco Bandai released another large batch of screenshots and some new information about the upcoming PS3 exclusive Saint Seiya Senki, that will be released in Europe with the title Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle next year (Nothing yet is known about a US release. The previous Saint Seiya games on PS2 have been released only in Europe).

New Characters have been introduced: the first is Sagittarius Aiolos, the brother of the gold saint Leo Aioria. It’s a quite weird inclusion, considering that Aiolos… well… died  long before the battle for the Sanctuary even happened. I doubt this can be considered a spoiler, since it’s a basic fact of the series. His gold cloth is a central part of the series, though, but he will be directly playable in the game, alongside with his techniques Atomic Thunderbolt and Sagittarius Arrow.

New Screenshots and Information about Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle Revealed

The second character we actually already knew about: Libra Dohko will be available as a free DLC on December the 7th. I actually prefer not to say much about this gold saint, because a lot of his background is a spoiler for those that didn’t watch the series or read the manga. The names of his techniques “Rozan Shoryuha” (Fist of the Raising Dragon of Rozan),”Rozan Ryuhisho” (Fist or the Flying Dragon of Rozan), and  “Rozan Hyakuryuha” (Fist of the Hundred Dragons of Rozan) might prove a hint for some.

The third character is no one else than Gemini Saga. He’s the strongest of the gold saints, and the main antagonist of the first series of the anime/manga. His devastating techniques are  “Genromaoken” (Demon Emperor Fist), “Galaxian Explosion” and “Another Dimension“.

The last, and probably most interesting piece of information (at least for the fans of the series), is the ability to drop one’s armor. This ability will be limited to the five playable Bronze Saints (Seiya, Shiryu, Ikki, Shun and Hyoga), and can be activated by pressing select.

New Screenshots and Information about Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle Revealed

Shedding one’s armor will decrease defense considerably, but it will let the Cosmo gauge grow at a much faster rate, increasing the overall offensive power, pretty much like it happens in the series.

Once the armor is removed, it cannot be worn again until the end of the battle. The only exception is Ikki, that can regenerate his armor.

You can check out the gallery with the new screenshots focusing on the new characters and on armor-less combat below:


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