New Screenshots Compare Original Ace Attorney Graphics to Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection

on March 20, 2014 1:59 PM

There’s been talk on whether the updated iOS and 3DS graphics for Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection are an actual improvement over the original game’s, but today two new comparison screenshots show just how much cleaning up was done for the upcoming re-release.

The first screen compares Phoenix Wright’s Game Boy Advance days (left), his DS port foray (middle) and his current look on 3DS (right):

123 Ace Attorney

It wasn’t just the characters that were spruced up, though. Backgrounds have gotten the clean-up treatment as well, as seen in this comparison shot between the GBA graphics (left) and the 3DS graphics (right):

123 Ace Attorney2

I know that there are fans who truly love the retro look of the original games (myself included) but the point of this re-release it to get people who aren’t already fans to play the game. As such, those graphics had to be fixed up to look a bit more presentable, especially since there’s no excuse for poor resolution on a system way more powerful than the GBA.

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