New Screenshots Confirm Boomerang Mario in 3D Land

As our own Alexa Ray Corriea reported a few days ago based on a leaked image from Nintendo, new screenshots released today confirm it: Boomerang Mario will, indeed, be in Super Mario 3D Land.

While Nintendo says the boomerang powerup in next month’s Mario title is an homage to the company’s 25-year-old Legend of Zelda series, it might be more appropriate to dub it a continuation of the Super Mario Bros. 3-ification of the franchise.

It started with the inclusion of airships and the return of the Koopa Kids in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Then, at this year’s Game Developers’ Conference, Nintendo head Satoru Iwata debuted a few stills from a Mario game in development. The big reveal there? The logo had a raccoon tail. Soon after Tanooki Mario was confirmed as a powerup in the new title.

And now this:

Yes, we all know Link from The Legend of Zelda usually finds a boomerang during his adventures. But don’t forget that Super Mario Bros. 3 included a Hammer Bro. powerup that granted Mario near-invincibility. This seems more an extension of that than anything else.

Thanks to Kotaku for the image.


Eder Campuzano

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