New Screenshots for Two Upcoming Summer Events in City of Heroes

The online game, City of Heroes, will be updated with two new summer events inspired by classic action movies.

The first event, called Time Gladiator, will take players back to a battle in the coliseum. Players must defeat a slew of enemies before facing off with the God-Champion. Fighting styles will sway the crowd’s opinion of you, allowing for buffs when fighting off the different champions from all sorts of different time periods including assassins, gunslingers, future cybernetic soldiers, and even mythical creatures.

The second event is called The Casino Heist. Players will wear costumes and build a team of thieves, hackers and hitters to break into Tyrant’s Palace Casino. Both events begin on July 10 and more information can be found here.

Megan Smith

A gamer from the Midwest, Megan has loved video games since feeling the rush of beating a final boss for the first time. When not writing for Dualshockers, she can be found thinking up crazy amounts of fanfiction or buried in any random MMORPG. Her favorite games include Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Phantasy Star, Star Ocean, Guilty Gear, and almost anything out of the ‘Tales’ series.

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