New Screenshots From Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ Monster Filled “Onslaught” DLC

on January 14, 2014 6:54 PM

Call Of Duty: Ghosts‘ upcoming DLC named “Onslaught” takes things into an interesting… and scary direction.

Onslaught is pretty much a love letter to old horror and sci-fi movies. Yesterday we showed you a video which talked about what went into making this DLC and today we bring you some screenshots to feast your eyes on.

I’m not a Call Of Duty fan in any sense of the word but I have to admit that this is pretty sweet. Just seeing those giant monsters makes the inner child inside of me squeal with joy. This DLC also has Michael Myers in it… just because.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts “Onslaught” will be released first on Xbox Live on January 28th and then on other platforms at an unspecified date. This DLC is included as part of Ghosts‘ season pass and can also be purchased separately fro $14.99.

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