New Screenshots Show Off Bound By Flame On The PS4

By Masoud House

August 30, 2013

Spiders Studios, the developers behind the action-RPG cyberpunk game, Mars War Logs, have released new in-game screenshots of their fantasy action-RPG, Bound By Flame to coincide with their newest announcement: that the game is not only coming to PS3, PC and Xbox 360, but to PS4 as well.

Bound By Flame is a game that lets you star as a mercenary possessed by a flame demon: as previously reported, the more the player gives into the demonic influence, the more of the demon’s abilities she or he will acquire. Depending on how a player customizes their character, and what choices they make in the game, will change how other characters react to your hero, especially with how your character’s face changes depending on her or his demonic influence.

Players also have a three-sided skill tree similar to Mars War Logs that will allow gamers to rely on Combat and Assassination skills instead of, or in addition to, their flame magic, and will have the ability to craft items and weapons to aid in their journey. The bestiary is said to be “rich and spectacular,” with shadow dragons, liches, undead, ice creatures and more, some of which can be seen below in the screenshots.

Bound By Flame will be releasing to consoles and PC in early 2014. For more on Spiders games, check out the Spiders Studio website.

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