New Screenshots, Story Details and Gameplay Revealed for Valhalla Knights 3

New Screenshots, Story Details and Gameplay Revealed for Valhalla Knights 3

Some new information for the upcoming PS Vita title, Valhalla Knights 3, has surfaced–Marvelous AQL has released new screenshots and revealed more information about the story and gameplay elements. Valhalla Knights 3 is slated for a Japanese release on May 23rd and will be released for the West by Xseed Games.

The first reveal, the character customization, is very detailed and allows the player the select the gender, race, occupation, first and last name, nickname and even personality of their protagonist. There will also a DLC released later on that allows the player to adjust the bust size of their female character, known by the acronym O.P.P.A.I (which is actually boob in Japanese).

The protagonist begins the story as a prisoner in the Castle Prison which serves as a home base for the player and, as detailed in my last article, hosts a plethora of shops and services (as well as the infamous Red-light District). The prison also has multiple organizations called “families” that are currently locked in a power struggle.

Battles take place in real-time, with the main character under the player’s complete control. The other party members are controlled via A.I. but can be given a general battle direction or role. You can, however, take completely control of the party by changing the options through the SELECT menu. The party members themselves can be switched up and switched out via the same method.

Going back to the Red-light District, the protagonist can pay to meet with one of the female workers in the special shops, which starts a mini-game. Basically you have to “touch” and “kiss” her through the touch screen of the Vita until you either succeed or fail (note that each girl has to be seduced in different ways). If you’re successful, she may even join your clan.

As you can probably tell, Valhalla Knights 3 has certain adult themes that may not be for everyone. But it sounds like the game could be very an interesting experience if you’re open-minded enough to actually try it out.