New Shaman King TV Anime Announced for April 2021

Hiroyuki Takei's Shaman King is getting a brand new TV Anime adaptation in April 2021, check out the maximal hype announcement trailer

King Amusement Creative announced a new anime adaptation for Shaman King, the spirit-themed manga that’s better than Bleach. A incredibly cool trailer was shared for the occasion, showing a slideshow of illustrations from the original manga by Hiroyuki Takei. This is a brand new re adaptation of the original manga, with protagonist Yoh Asakura and his awesome fiancée Anna. Check out the trailer:

What’s pretty interesting is how the trailer is using Over Soul by Megumi Hayashibara as a theme song, the opening of the first Shaman King anime. This could be a hint that the original seiyuu from the 2001 anime are all coming back for this new anime. We don’t know yet either how many episodes this new adaptation will be However, it was officially confirmed that this new anime will adapt all of the original manga, including its true ending which was published separately.

Japanese Shaman King fans on Twitter are also sharing this screenshot of an old tweet from Hiroyuki Takei. In the tweet, Takei says that at some point, talks for a new Shaman King TV anime happened, but he refused as they wouldn’t be able to call back the old seiyuu and reuse music from the first anime. He added he’d definitely like to have another chance, if these conditions would be fulfilled. Judging from this tweet, and as hinted by the use of Over Soul in the trailer, it’s highly likely that the old seiyuu are coming back for the April 2021 anime.

This is definitely the kind of announcement I’m guessing was supposed to be made at Anime Japan 2020 earlier this year, but got shuffled around with the Covid-19 pandemic. Personally speaking, I’m incredibly excited to see Shaman King getting animated again.

An official site for this new anime adaptation was opened. A Twitter account is live as well. We’ll probably learn more soon. The original anime from 2001 is also fully available on YouTube, but it’s region locked to Japan needless to say.

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