New Shank Combo Trailer Gets Funky Killer Style

By Jon Ireson

August 11, 2010

Pounce, Shotty, Left, ‘Nade, Shank, Shank, Shank, Shank, Shank, Down, Shotty, Right. No I haven’t lost my mind this is an example of the combination attack moves gamers will be dealing death with in the upcoming Xbox 360 title to hit the Live Arcade August 25th as well as the PSN Store August 24th. Don’t forget to start working on those finger-twitch muscles to prepare for the Starlight Rage Combo; Shank, Shank, Chainsaw, Shank, Dual Pistol, Dual Pistol, Dual Pistol, Dual Pistol, hey wait a minute where are you going, get back here, Run, Shank, Shank, Shank, Shank, Shank, Shank, Shank, Shank. Check out the video above to see these in action including the MeatGrinder Grenade Combo!

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Jon Ireson

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