New Shattered Horizon Competition Launches!

Qualifications begin today for the new Shattered Horizon competition!  After a huge addition to the player base via the brand-new map pack, half-off sale we told readers about last week still running tonight through midnight, and free Steam weekend, Shattered Horizon is gearing up for a seriously hardcore tournament!  Players will be sent through brutal multiplayer trials throughout February and March.  With prizes like the power supplies, fans, Patriot Memory DDR3 Ram, and the BioStar TH55XE Motherboard, which supports the Intel Core i7, i5, i3, as well as Pentium LGA1156, this gaming competition will help keep winners gaming for a long time to come.

There is still roughly six and a half days from the time of this post for players to pick up their guns and join in on the soldiering week of the competition.  There are 16 challenges taking place over the next four weeks.  This competition will indeed consist of all the brutal zero gravity mayhem you expect from a Shattered Horizon event.  Click Here to Jump to the Competition Page now and see the qualifying criteria presented below:

Soldiering Week runs from 12:00 GMT Monday 22 February to 11:59 GMT Monday 1 March (the competition period).

Challenge 1

To qualify for this challenge a player must achieve at least 1000 points in-game during the competition period. You score points from capturing and defending control points and killing enemies. You score extra points by staying in the game and playing for longer periods.

Challenge 2

To qualify for this challenge a player must kill 10 different players with a higher rank during the competition period. For example, if you are a Silver Recruit and you kill a Gold Recruit that will count as one kill towards qualifying.

Challenge 3

To qualify for this challenge a player must rise up to the next rank title during the competition period. Note, you will only qualify once your rank title changes, i.e. when you are promoted from Recruit to Technician, rather than promotions within a single rank title such moving from Iron to Bronze for example.

Challenge 4

To qualify for this challenge a player must score more points in a single game than a team mate with a higher rank during the competition period. Note, there are ten rank titles in Shattered Horizon: Recruit, Technician, Engineer, Astronaut, EVA Specialist, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and Commander. Each title has five subtitles: iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum – making 50 ranks in total.

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