New Shining Resonance Screenshots Introduces Lesti

New Shining Resonance Screenshots Introduces Lesti

Famitsu recently released a new batch of screenshots for Shining Resonance which introduces Lesti, a new Dragoner set to join Yuuma and company in battle.

Lesti Sera Alma, who is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura, is the older brother Kirika. He is also the knight who commands a group of elven troops. He always maintains a cool head whenever in battle, however he can become obsessive when it involves his  little sister. As a Dragoner, he uses the  Dragon Fang Halberd Fang Root in combat.

Later this week, more information is expected to be released on the next issue regarding a new costume for Kirika, as well as details involving the game’s weather systems.

Shining Resonance is will be releasing on the PlayStation 3 on December 11 in Japan.

Check out the new screenshots below: