New Shinobi 3DS Trailer Reviews the History of Shinobi

By Scott Lipowitz

November 19, 2011

In the newest Shinobi 3DS trailer, titled Shinobi – History of a Franchise, the developers from Sega discuss how the roots of the franchise have helped them to create their new title.  Unfortunately, they left out my favorite game in the series while doing so.  While I fully understand the original games in the series were classics, whether they were on the Arcade, NES, Master System or Genesis, I loved the 2002 PS2 version of the game.  Which this trailer neglects to mention.   That said, the game still looks really cool on 3DS, but Shinobi actually transitioned very well from a 2D side scrolling game to a 3D Action/Platformer.  Especially with how awesome the wall running puzzles were.  If I had a 3DS I would likely get the new Shinobi at some point, as the gameplay in the retrospective video (which can be seen after the jump) does hint at some rad gameplay moments, but I think I’d prefer another 3D action/platformer game (not to be confused with a 2D game with 3D elements, like the 3DS game).  And no, I don’t mean Nightshade.

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