New Silent Hill Movie In The Works

New Silent Hill Movie In The Works

God hates gamers. He hates them with a non-defying passion. Why, do you ask? Because he has allowed Hollywood to slaughter our favorite past-time games by turning them to nonsensical oblivious movies directed by an unknown person whom they call a ‘director’ which, I’m convinced, were chosen by lining up a group of random men, and playing the in eenie-meenie-miney-moe game or by pinning the (you know what) in the mouth.

However, one movie which I felt was mediocre and was taken from my library of favorite games, Silent Hill, is a movie I will wink in satisfaction at Hollywood. It wasn’t true to the original story in the game, of course, because Hollywood is obviously against keeping things as they are; but the movie was decent. And, apparently, I wasn’t the only person who thought so.

I’m not sure whether or not it’s good news or bad news but it has been confirmed that a second Silent Hill movie is officially in the works, as per Hollywood Reporter. Screenwriter Roger Avery and producer Samuel Hadida, who also worked on the first film, wasted no time in signing up for the sequel.

The movie is supposed to start filming next year, once Resident Evil 4 (why?) has finished shooting. Avery is also planning on working on Return to Castle Wolfenstein (there was never a first one, so how the fuck can they make a return to something?), which is due to hit theaters in 2010.

I’ll wait for the next Silent Hill movie, thank you very much. The last couple of Resident Evil flicks had me throwing up in my mouth. It’s not a savory taste after you’ve had curry.

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