New Singularity Trailer Explodes Onto Screens

There is a new narrative action game in town from the makers of shooters like Quake 4, the latest Wolfenstein (published by Activision), as well as a slew of other titles including the Heretic, HeXen, X-Men Legends I & II, and of course my personal favorites Soldier of Fortune I & II. The new trailer shows that this is not just another shooter but in fact another action packed game with a hopefully great story. Become enthralled in a time warped science fiction experience that brings destructive conspiracy to light. Manipulate time itself even in the online multi-player. Hit the break for the trailer.

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Jon Ireson

Jon is a gamer above all else. He plays all types of games. You can find him mostly in War games. He is very passionate and a hard worker and it shows through his writing. Favorite Games: Warhawk, Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix, Final Fantasy 6

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