Bethesda Launches New Slayers Club to Kick Off the Year of DOOM

Bethesda Launches New Slayers Club to Kick Off the Year of DOOM

Bethesda is giving fans a way to win physical and digital DOOM goods to celebrate the Year of DOOM.

Last December was the 25th anniversary of the original release of DOOM and, to celebrate, Bethesda launched the Slayers Club. At that point, the Club just gave you a skin for the upcoming DOOM Eternal release and not much else. Now, the team has blown the Slayers Club up, adding a bunch of new prizes and content in the process.

Once players sign up for the Slayers Club, they can start earning points and ranking up. There are many ways to earn points. You can participate in special in-game events for DOOM (2016), watch videos, read articles, or even submit fan art. Basically, everything you do on the Slayers Club website earns you points.

When you have enough points, you’ll rank up. When you reach certain ranks, you’ll get access to various in-game content. So far, all they’ve mentioned are exclusive Slayer skins for DOOM Eternal, but other things could be added.

The big addition to the Club are the physical rewards you can win for participating. Each month, participating players will be entering into a drawing for DOOM goodies. As you can see in the tweet above, these include t-shirts, art prints, statues, and even a skin for all three major consoles.

The Slayers Club offerings were pretty slim up front, so its nice to see Bethesda beef up the offerings. I would expect that they will do an even larger contest once we get closer to the DOOM Eternal launch to help promote that game. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a solid release date for the game yet. Hopefully we get more information at Bethesda’s upcoming E3 press conference.

DOOM Eternal is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One