New Sony London Studio PS4 Exclusive to Have “Cutting-Edge Graphical Polish”

New Sony London Studio PS4 Exclusive to Have “Cutting-Edge Graphical Polish”

We still know very little about what Sony’s London Studio is working on. We do know that one of its teams is developing a game that will include vehicles, and today another career opportunity ad looking for a Principal Level Programmer that seems to be related to the same game (as it includes the same wording describing the team itself) sheds some light on the level of graphical fidelity we can expect from the game.

Based in Soho, London, we are part of Sony Computer Entertainment’s worldwide development studios and are currently looking for an experienced and highly motivated principal level programmer with Technical Art skills to join a small, dynamic game development team working on an exclusive, next generation PS4 title. 

You’ll be joining an experienced team of programmers and artists working to define, plan, and deliver solutions for the art team to achieve the visual goals set by the project. The role requires you to work in collaboration with all disciplines and includes researching and developing new techniques and defining the workflow and pipelines for the art department, as well as maintenance and enhancement to the game’s graphics engine and systems.

The Principal Programmer / Technical Art is expected to have and use extensive all round knowledge and experience of ‘Next-Gen’ graphics & game engines, art & animation practices including modelling, texturing, lighting, animation, particles and scripting. You will be the primary point of contact for technical art issues, and have overall responsible for ensuring the completed game has cutting-edge graphical polish.

Combined with what we learned from another ad that revealed the studio’s focus on next-gen lighting technology, looks like we can definitely expect a game that will be pleasing for our eyes.

Unfortunately Sony didn’t share further details on the title, so we’ll have to wait for more announcements, but what we’re reading so far is definitely most promising.