New Soul Unveiled for RIFT: Storm Legion

RIFT‘s upcoming expansion, Storm Legion, has a wealth of goodies available for its fans. One of those goodies is a new soul, which was just recently revealed online. If you’re not familiar with RIFT, the MMO has a unique talent / class system that allows players to choose a main soul (basically, a class), then two others to complement it. The souls are structured much like talent trees in that you put points into skills and upgrades from each soul you have acquired.

So what is this new soul, you ask? The Tempest. It’s a fitting name for the expansion, which will allow players to venture into dangerous realms in search of a devastating storm dragon. The Tempest is a warrior-based soul that, you guessed it, utilizes lightning as a weapon. If you want to see more details on the new soul, click here to visit TRION Worlds’ official page.

Thor would definitely be pleased.


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