New Splatoon 2 Video Shows off Extended Look at Salmon Run Co-Op Mode

New Splatoon 2 Video Shows off Extended Look at Salmon Run Co-Op Mode

Splatoon 2's newest game mode, Salmon Run, gets highlighted in new video before next week's release.

Today, Nintendo has released a new video for its upcoming Switch exclusive, Splatoon 2. This video provides us with a lengthy thirteen minute preview of the new co-op mode, Salmon Run, that is being offered in the ink-based shooter sequel.

If you’re unaware, Salmon Run is the new horde-like co-op mode coming to Splatoon 2. You are able to join up with 3 friends and defeat waves of enemies all while collecting golden eggs to take back to your net on the map. You’ll need to collect a certain amount of these eggs to continue advancing through the various enemy waves, otherwise, it’s game over.

Maybe the most enticing part of Salmon Run that will keep players coming back is the difficulty that it boasts. In today’s video, we see one playthrough of Salmon Run on 5% difficulty. Later on though, we get a look at just how insane things can get if you turn the difficulty up to 100%.

On a personal note, I was able to check out Salmon Run for myself at E3 2017 and it was an absolute blast. In fact, we enjoyed this new mode so much that we at DualShockers awarded Splatoon 2 as our co-op game of the show. While it may look like just another horde mode at first, I found Salmon Run to contain much more depth than I initially expected. Make sure you get some friends together to play it for yourself when Splatoon 2 releases.

You can find today’s video below if you’re interested in seeing a bit more of Salmon Run. Splatoon 2 is only a week away and launches on July 21 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.