New Star Trek Online Episode Available Today

on February 11, 2012 3:30 PM

Star Trek Online’s fourth series, “The 2800,” premieres its first episode today. Publisher Perfect World Entertainment pitches its story in the form of a challenge, writing: “The Alpha Quadrant faces a new crisis when a lost fleet reappears intent on completing its mission. They offer no quarter and accept no compromises. Will you be able to stop the Dominion and save Deep Space Nine?”

Chances are you probably will, as most games are designed that way, but hey. Perfect World plans to release the five episodes of this newest series over the next five weeks, on Saturdays at 10 AM, and all are free to play for both of the game’s factions.  Check after the break for more details and a trailer.

Some new features in “The 2800” include new XP Boosts (of both the Regular and Commendations varieties), and, with the acquisition of a Master Key, some pretty far out Cardassian loot — including a Galor starship, among other things.

If you didn’t follow that last bit of esoterica, don’t worry too much; check out the trailer and you’ll get the gist of it.

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