New Star Wars Battlefront Art Teases DLC Heroes

New Star Wars Battlefront Art Teases DLC Heroes

Though the $50 Season Pass for Star Wars Battlefront has been available since the game launched, not details about what would be included were known until recently. We now have a rough idea of what to expect for the future, including March’s “Outer Rim” DLC.

The expansions will include playable maps on Sullust and Jabbas’s Palace, as depicted in this teaser art below. However, upon closer inspection die-hard Star Wars fans may notice some hints as to which playable heroes will be included in this DLC as well.



We can clearly see the bounty hunter Greedo and rebel pilot Nien Nunb on the frontlines in this image, meaning they will most liekly appear in the game in some capacity. It makes sens, as Sullust is Nien Nunb’s homeworld and Greedo worked out of Jabba’s Palace.

Would these new heroes spark your interest in Star Wars Battlefront’s DLC?