New Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer Teases the Return of Revan

September 16, 2014

Last week we reported that Bioware Senior Producer Bruce Maclean was teasing that new details for Star Wars: The Old Republic wouldn’t be far, far away. Today, a new teaser trailer has been dropped that may hint at this new expansions content.

The trailer is very brief and features everyone’s favorite redeemed fallen Jedi from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Revan. In the brief clip you can see him fully clad in his old Sith armor and mask and wielding his violet lightsaber. The camera then cuts away before displaying the text “A Deadly Force Returns.”

Revan has previously appeared in SWTOR before, being part of a Republic storyline that frees him from the Emperor’s Maelstrom Prison and as the antagonist in an Imperial storyline where he manufactures a droid army in an attempt to purge the universe of the Sith. Revan looking all geared up as a Sith may mean he is returning on the dark side this time and could be featured in new raid content.

A more extensive reveal of information explaining the teaser should be available by months end to detail the new expansion pack, but until then you can hold yourself over by viewing the video for yourself below.

Andrew Matt

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