New Strategy RPG Z.H.P. is a Whacky, Highly Customizable Grindfest

on July 17, 2010 2:00 PM

New Strategy RPG Z.H.P. is a Whacky, Highly Customizable Grindfest

The fourth upcoming title NIS America announced at their event on Thursday was the PSP strategy RPG Z.H.P. Out of everything else, this one has the strongest “Nippon Ichi feel”, if you will. It is just so over-the-top it almost has to be seen to be believed. Instead of trying to describe the story myself, I’ll just quote what NIS America’s Nao Zook said on the official PlayStation Blog yesterday to describe this insanely mesmerizing title.

“The story goes something like this: The main character (you) is an ordinary shy young man. One day, walking on the street after getting some stuff from a convenience store, he witnesses a car accident! Oh no! The victim was the hero, the Unlosing Ranger, supposed to be at the Last Boss Battle to save the world… The hero asks the young man to take over his mission to save the world from the Last Boss, Darkdeath Evilman. Unable to refuse the hero’s last wish, the young man became the weakest, wimpiest main character ever in videogame history!!”

You know what might be even more entertaining? If you actually watched the trailer for the game, which focuses a lot of the title’s highly customizable nature. You can customize just about anything and everything about the game. Take a look at it below and your mind will be blown.

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