New Super Mario Odyssey Area Debuted in Extensive Treehouse Gameplay Demo

New Super Mario Odyssey Area Debuted in Extensive Treehouse Gameplay Demo

Even more footage of Nintendo Switch's Super Mario Odyssey has been unveiled at E3 2017, showcasing new gameplay of Wooded Kingdom level.

There are a lot of great games shown off during Nintendo’s E3 2017 Press Conference, but arguably Super Mario Odyssey takes the cake. Beyond the wacky trailer showcased earlier today, an extended 30 minute gameplay clip showing a brand new area — Wooded Kingdom — was debuted on Nintendo Treehouse.

As you may imagine from the title, Wooded Kingdom is a forest-based environment populated with what seems like watering-can, robot-like creatures. The visuals are impressive (for the Nintendo Switch), and the hat-tossing gameplay looks fluid, varied and dynamic.

On top of this, viewers can see some gameplay in a more natural way than the trailers. This includes the binoculars, purchasing new costumes, and taking control of enemies and their abilities.

This isn’t the only footage out of Nintendo Treehouse for Super Mario Odyssey. Only earlier today they debuted another 20 minutes and a host of screenshots from what appears to be New Donk City.

Super Mario Odyssey was only revealed earlier this year at Nintendo Switch’s worldwide debut, with a planned release day for Holiday 2017. That date has since been moved to the heavily packed October 2017.

As mentioned above, Super Mario Odyssey launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017. Check out all the new content in the extended gameplay video below: