New Support Pokemon and League Features Revealed for Pokken Tournament

New Support Pokemon and League Features Revealed for Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament is making the move from arcade machines to the Wii U in just about a month, and more details are starting to come about regarding just how different this version of the fighting game will be. Today, a few details about the game’s league mode and some new support monsters have surfaced.

First, six new Pokemon are confirmed to be in the game as supports that can be called in to offer an advantage on the battlefield. Cubone will use a long range bonemerang attack, while Diglett will dig under the opponent, making it easier to land combos.support6

Quagsire uses a mud bomb attack, damaging enemies on the ground, even if they’re blocking. Magneton fires an attack upward, decreasing the speed and damaging enemies jumping or floating. support7

Espeon will heal the player of status conditions and damage, while Umbreon drains the opponent’s Resonance Gauge.support8The game takes place in the Ferrum League, where players can customize their own trainer as they travel around. There are various trainers to encounter including Nia who helps players navigate the world,  and the option to take on Travis with his Garchomp, Keith with his Suicune and Erin with her Braixen.

There are four levels to the Ferrum League, the Green League, Blue League, Red League and Chrome League. Beating each tier will unlock more support Pokemon to be used in battle.

Pokken Tournament hits the Wii U on March 18, 2016.