New System Shock 3 Early Concept Art Revealed; Transitioning to Pre-Production Soon

Today, developer Otherside Entertainment and publisher Starbreeze shared some new details and early concept images of System Shock 3, which is not to be confused with the System Shock Remake from Nightdive Studios.

As you may know, Warren Spector, the original designer of System Shock (and Deus Ex), has returned for System Shock 3. Notably, Spector was not involved with System Shock 2, which means its been more than 23 years since he was involved in the IP. That being said, speaking to Polygon, Spector said returning to the iconic IP was an easy choice. Spector specifically said the following:


“I produced System Shock and played System Shock 2 so I’m pretty familiar with the universe. And there were some fictional loose ends to explore and tie up. That sounded like fun. Also, SHODAN. You know what I mean?”

As Polygon relays, SHODAN is the A.I. antagonist in System Shock is returning for System Shock 3. The game notably picks up after System Shock 2.

It’s noteworthy that in 2017, immersive sims are also not as rare and groundbreaking as they were in the 90’s when both System Shock games hit. In fact, thanks to games like BioShock and now Prey, the genre has moved a bit into the mainstream, commanding a bigger audience, but also not as impressing due to saturation. That being said, Spector isn’t concerned that System Shock 3 will be ill-affected by it’s concept not being as unique anymore.

“I think having more immersive simulation games out there is all to the good. Based on what I’ve seen of Prey so far, there are some similarities but I assure you we’re doing stuff that team didn’t do, just as they did stuff we’re not. I’m not worried about people getting confused.”

System Shock 3, which was announced all the way back in December 2015, is still a way off. Currenlty, it has no release date or window, in fact, the game hasn’t even begun pre-production yet according to Spector: who revealed during a Starbreeze livestream that the game will “transitioning into pre-production” soon.

System Shock 3 is in development for PC and “consoles.” Below you can check the new concept art, again, courtesy of Polygon:


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