New T32 Trailer is Possibly the Best Trailer I've Ever Seen

Oh my God, I can’t breathe. The joyous Tekken fanboy euphoria is pulsing through my body at an alarming rate…nerdgasm forthcoming. Ahem. Tekken head Katsuhiro Harada has uploaded a new trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to his Facebook page and by gosh is it glorious. The first thing I noticed, albeit as a long time T3 fan, was the song. It’s a remix of the opening song used in the original game back when it came out more than ten years ago! See, check it out for yourself. Are you impressed or afraid that I knew that? Who cares? That is by far the richest piece of fan service I’ve seen this year.

Other than the rocking remix, the beautiful CG shows plenty of dynamic action. Young Heihachi has his hands full with Feng until Alisa steps in and the delectable new female wrestler Jaycee makes a kitten out of King. They even have a short shot of Jun, one of the oldest but least included characters in the history of Tekken. Definitely back by popular demand. Head on over to the source to check out this epic film. T32 is due in Japanese arcades by year’s end, after which it will probably totally most definitely maybe get an American console release.


Kenneth Richardson

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